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Tax Dates

Tax Return & Payments

Tax Return & Payments

31st October

31st October 2015 is the deadline for submitting your 2014/15 Paper Tax Return.

st January
31st January 2016 is the final deadline for submitting your Tax Return for the Tax Year 14-15 if you do it 'Online', HM Customs & Revenue's 'Online calculator' can also work out the amount of tax due for the year.
In order to use this service you must be a registered user of 'Online Services' or alternatively you can authorize an agent to file online for you.
You must also pay the balance of any tax not already paid 'on account' for the Tax year 14-15.
You will also have to pay your first 'Payment on Account' for Tax Year 15-16 by this deadline.
Automatic penalties are charged for late submission of Tax Returns, currently 100 per return, if a partnership return is submitted late, each partner will be charged an automatic 100 penalty. In addition there is a 10 daily penalty charge after 3 months up to a maximum of 900.00.
There are variable penalties for incorrect Tax Returns and interest is charged on tax paid late.

5th April 2016 is the last day of Tax year 15-16.

st July
31st July 2016 is the deadline for paying your second 'Payment on Account' for the tax you have to pay for Tax Year 15-16. Interest is charged on tax paid late.

31st October
31st October 2016 is the deadline for submitting your 2015/16 Paper Tax Return.

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